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Awakening the heart of Love within All things
October 16 - Nov 14 2019, traveling across India

explore india

March 1-14 2020,  in Rishikesh, India

into the heart of yoga

Is something inside you aching for India? Are you dreaming of temples and mystics? Has Mama India been calling you home? If there is a part of your soul that yearns to hop on a plane and explore the great unknown, come with me. Take a leap of faith and join me in Rishikesh, India for the spiritual adventure of a lifetime! 

This two-week spiritual journey will bring you to the feet of the Himalayas to kneel on her holy altars and bathe in the sacred waters of the Ganges River (Goddess Ganga Ma). We will explore the roots of yoga in India, practicing with excellent local teachers who will teach us classical Ashtanga-style yoga and take part in traditional Indian ceremonies such as fire puja and Ganga aarti. We will explore local spiritual sites, such as meditation caves and pristine waterfalls, temples and ashrams. We will eat the most amazing Indian food you've ever had, and drink chai the way only Indians can make it. 

 We come humbly to this land to learn the roots of yoga 

 so that we can best understand, uphold, share, and 

 live in the true authentic spirit of yoga. 

giving back to

my community

It was my deep pleasure and privilege to live in service to the Ramana's Garden community this year and be welcomed into their family. I spent 7 months of the past year volunteering at this amazing safe home for rescued children. Ramana's Garden is an incredible oasis for children to live, learn, and be loved. They grow their own organic vegetables right there in Rishikesh and serve them in the organic cafe. The children have access to free education, medical care, and a safe home where they are surrounded by people who love them.

 seva: selfless service 

We will have the opportunity to practice seva at Ramana's Garden children's home, volunteering and spending time with the kids, organizing fun activities we can do together, and bringing each of your unique gifts to the children. 


Awakening the heart of Love within All things:

tapping into the infinite Source of all energy. Connecting with Source, with Great Spirit, The Universe, God, Goddess, Shiva, Allah, Buddha. We will explore different meditation and mindfulness practices, spiritual experiences and techniques, and community-building exercises that open up safe space to experience and connect with the infinite expansive Universal energy in All things - in One another and in our Selves. 

Finding that center of love within everything around you, and developing practices that help you return again and again to the infinite Source of All.

life of yoga:

our daily schedule

 Each day is an opportunity for a new, life-changing experience. 

We will start each morning with meditation and yoga at 8am, where we will greet the rising sun with prayers and intention, waking our bodies with gentle movements. 

We will spend our days experiencing all that Rishikesh area has to offer: visiting powerful meditation sites, local temples and ashrams, enjoying the Ganga river, eating delicious local cuisine, and learning all about yoga. We will learn about the history of yoga, try out several styles of yoga asana practice, many meditation techniques, learn mantras and chant, and have the opportunity to explore somatic movement styles such as ecstatic dance or five-element dance.

We will create ceremony space many times throughout our retreat, bringing together lineages from around the world, creating a space for prayers in all forms to be welcomed, expressed, and heard. You will be able to try out a variety of spiritual practices and see what resonates within YOU, and how you can bring these practices home with you.

We will create and safe and loving community within ourselves where we can express ourselves freely and be fully seen, heard, and held. We will co-create interpersonal communication and connection practices that allow us to connect deeply with each other, within, and with Source. 

All activities are optional ~ you choose your reality. 



diwali & holi

in india!

We are the luckiest people around because our programs include experiencing the two biggest festivals in India: Diwali (October) and of Holi (March)!

We will learn about the festivals of lights and colors and play Holi with locals!



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