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October 16 - Nov 14 2019, traveling across India

into the heart of yoga

March 1-14 2020,  in Rishikesh, India

In this course, we will find balance between ancient traditional Indian practices and culture, and more Western forms of yoga and prayer. We will dip our fingers into ALL the pots and try a variety of new spiritual practices, finding what resonates for each of us personally and what we can carry with us after the course is over. I hope to be able to help you find new ways of connecting with Source (God, Goddess, The Universe, Shiva, Shakti, Allah… all names of God are One), and finding that connection within your Self, within Others, and all around you!


What does this look like?



Learn about the history and roots of yoga in India

Learn the foundational basics of yoga: Patanjali’s 8 Limbs of Yoga and how to apply them to our everyday lives

Learn breathwork (pranayama) techniques 

Try traditional Indian Ashtanga yoga with several excellent local teachers

Try Allie’s Gentle Vinyasa Yoga Flow 

  • All yoga and physical activities are optional but encouraged. You will never be forced to do anything in my course! 



Daily meditation sessions - we will explore several different styles of meditation including:

  • chakra clearing and alignment

  • guided visualizations 

  • Tree of Life meditation

  • Inner Journey meditation

  • In thesmeditations, you will be able to sit comfortably or lie down and immerse fully in the meditation while I speak, sing, and wash you in beautiful sound healing



  • Experience traditional Indian ceremonies such as Ganga arati, fire puja, and more

  • Ceremonial immersion in the Holy Ganga - We will begin and conclude our retreat with ceremonial and intentional rebirthing baths in the Ganges River - This is powerful. We will learn about Goddess Ganga and experience the inexplicable feeling of rebirth as we bathe (fully clothed) in the Ganges and allow our Spirits to be washed clean.

  • Sunrise at Kunjapuri Temple - journey up the mountain to watch the sun rise over the Himalayas 

  • Visits to local ashrams, temples, and holy sites - including Hanuman Temple of Sri Neem Karoli Babaji

  • Celebrate the festival of Holi in India!!



  • Be of service and give back to the local community by volunteering at a local children’s safe home and school where Allie lived and worked last year

  • Spend quality time with kids, doing fun activities that empower them



  • short hikes through invigorating jungle lead us to exquisite waterfalls where we can cool off and enjoy nature.  

  • meditate in caves like the ancient sadhus 

  • spend time at holy river Ganga

  • revel in the beauty of daily life at the feet of the Himalayas



Though this is a group retreat, everyone’s experience will be unique, and I thoroughly encourage you to try all of the additional optional activities that Rishikesh has to offer such as:


  • Ecstatic dance (freestyle dance flow in a safe space)

  • Visit a local Ayurvedic doctor or book an Ayurvedic massage

  • Go for a white-water rafting expedition down the Ganga River 

  • Shop in local markets (we will have time built into our schedule for a trip to the local market as well)

  • Take an Indian cooking class

  • and so much more! 

Scholarships & Financial Assistance

We aim to make this course as accessible as possible for All. We are holding special scholarship space for Women of Color, the QTBIPOC community, and underserved populations.

For scholarship inquiries & financial assistance,

please email me at 



phone: +1-413-212-3373


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