explore india

This October, follow the call...
to a pilgrimage across India
exploring sacred sites, temples, and culture

october 16- NOv 14 2019

travel to sacred sites

First, we land in  Delhi , rest in the city for a few nights and get accustomed to the thrills of India. We will start our trip with a few special spots in Delhi, including the Lotus Temple and ISKCON Temple of Delhi.

Travel with me to the holy city of  Vrindavan , the birthplace of Lord Krishna and Radha, the Great Goddess Queen. Sink into the ocean of devotion in this old-world town of Bhakti (devotional love). Explore sacred sites depicted in the holy scriptures of India, and bow down in temples devoted to the Divine in many forms.

See the Taj Mahal in  Agra , a awe-inspiring classic in its own right. Enjoy Agra's amazing local cuisine.

Travel to  Rishikesh , where we will settle for a week, and explore all the magical things that Rishikesh has to offer! Including...

Ganga Ma, the holy river Ganges, as she flows down through the foothills of the Himalayas.

Visit my community in Rishikesh,  Ramana's Garden Children's Home  and organic cafe. We will do seva (selfless service) there as needed, and get to know this amazing community and their work. (and eat the BEST food!)

Watch the sun rise over the Himalayas, swim in waterfalls, and meditate in caves where great saints sat.

Practice yoga in a beautiful studio with Allie, Veer, and other local teachers. Experiment with Vinyasa, Hatha, and Ashtanga yoga.

Journey to  Jaipur , and other places in Rajasthan. Visit temples, meditate in Mahasamadhi sites: sites where devout souls reached enlightenment. Immerse in the rich local culture of Rajasthan: art, music, food, and adventure!

Travel down  South  to end our trip relaxing on the beach in  Goa!  

Southern India has a different flavor, and Goa has its own unique culture. Decompress from a month of traveling by treating yourself nice! We will finish the trip with celebration, dancing, and enjoying ourselves together.. and of course, a closing ceremony!

Ceremony will be a big part of our lives while here in India. Devotional ritual is a part of everyday life here, and we will weave together all of our own faiths and traditions, our own diverse and unique ways of praying and connecting within.

Though this journey will be physically moving, the real journey lies within. 

A Rebirth, a Death, a Renewal.. all is welcome here.

Mama India brings BIG lessons, Blessings, and transformations..

 are you ready?!

I am here to serve you.

With your enthusiastic permission, please allow me to serve as a midwife as you journey through this portal into the new life that is waiting for you! 

Scholarships & Financial Assistance

We aim to make this course as accessible as possible for All. We are holding special scholarship space for Women of Color, the QTBIPOC community, and underserved populations.

For scholarship inquiries & financial assistance,

please email me at alliesibner@gmail.com 



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