welcome to rishikesh!!

Welcome to The Heart of Yoga: Awakening the heart of Love within All things
March 1-14, 2020 in Rishikesh, India

I am so excited to embark on this journey with you! 


Thank you for making this choice to do something amazing for yourself. By doing so, you have also done something amazing for all those who this decision ripples out to touch. Your act of self love truly serves all those around you. Thank you!


You will receive a more detailed itinerary soon, but for now, here is what you need to know…


Our adventure together will begin upon your arrival to the Dehradun airport on February 29, (the day before) where we will pick you up and bring you to our lovely guest house in Rishikesh! We will also bring you back to the Dehradun airport for your departing flight on March 15, 2019. (the day after it ends)


Flight Information:

Dehradun is our closest airport, and can be easily accessed via a layover in New Delhi. 

For first-time travelers to India, I highly recommend flying directly into Dehradun where we can pick you up most easily and safely. Well-seasoned travelers may choose to fly into Delhi and take a bus or train to Haridwar (another city close to Rishikesh), however this can be very confusing if it is your first time. Further travel is possible before or after our course. You may choose to attend the International Yoga Festival March 1-7, 2019 in Rishikesh before our retreat, or to travel throughout India afterwards. 

It is important to check your flight times, layovers, and baggage rules. Sometimes layovers thru Delhi to Dehradun require you to pick up your luggage, go through customs, and then re-check in. This takes some time, so maybe include a few hours layover here to avoid a rushed and stressful experience. Delhi airport is perfectly safe to hang out on your layovers.


What’s Next? What do I need to do NOW?


  1. get a valid current passport (does not expire within 6 months of travel)

  2. get a visa to India *** You have two basic options: 

      1. e-visa for 60 days: application can be filled out online here or here. This process is much faster and easier but only valid for 60 days of travel in India. 

      2. 10 year visa: So many people travel into and out of India that the Indian Embassy has officially designed CKGS as its visa service affiliate. You can apply online for a 5 or 10 year visa (The price and process are much the same, so I recommend applying for the 10-year multiple entry visa.) However, I have learned from personal experience that this process can be lengthy, frustrating, and CKGS can be very confusing and unhelpful so I HIGHLY RECOMMEND using a 3rd PARTY INDIAN VISA EXPEDITE/ PROCESSING SERVICE in the USA. These travel agencies and companies can be found online or visited directly in offices in most major cities. They usually charge $100-200 for their services which I feel is WELL-WORTH it for the lack of hassle.

  3. book flights to arrive in Dehradun on February 29 and leave March 15 (+ other travel plans before/after)

  4. flight & travel insurance: our retreat does not cover travel insurance but you will need to acquire your own. I also recommend flight and travel cancellation insurance. 


*These costs are not covered within the cost of the course.*


What IS included in the price?


  • 14 days stay in a lovely clean, Western-friendly guesthouse with beautiful yoga studio access, rooftop & balcony views of the Himalayas, located a short walking distance from Ramana’s Garden, with many restaurants and shops, the Ganga river, and Laxshman Jhula bridge close by.

  • Most meals will be covered (You will also have plenty of chances to eat where you choose and try many different cuisines!)

  • Daily yoga and meditation sessions

  • All classes & workshops

  • Rishikesh region adventures & tours (Local transportation included)

  • Ceremonies & Temple admissions

  • Celebrate the festival of Holi together in India!

Jaya Maha Lakshmi!

Scholarships & Financial Assistance

We aim to make this course as accessible as possible for All. We are holding special scholarship space for Women of Color, the QTBIPOC community, and underserved populations.

For scholarship inquiries & financial assistance,

please email me at alliesibner@gmail.com 



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